CTS – Cut to Copy

For this CTS Session, we had to answer a series of questions specifically regarding Dadaism. A unique movement, which many have thought of as a radical approach.

The questions mentioned had initiated a deep discussion about collage, it’s origin, in fact, seemed to have been earlier than some of us thought it out to be.

What is radical about this?

The first question which I don’t think was hard to answer, really. The nature of the collage being cut out from another source itself sounds very radical and not to mention absurd for its time. It’s roughly cut out a way of other sources, whether that is commercial objects or another individual’s work to create another message also feels very rebellious in a way.

The Dadaist poem was also mentioned and asked for an opinion about it. I can’t help but think of it as a vintage random poem generator of the sort.

Why are designers and artists getting out the scissors again?

As the time goes, the “newest thing” becomes redundant and dull. The newest designers crave the old ways, some want to go back to their roots and try something new.

This also makes one consider the work more, it sort of becomes more personal and time-consuming, thus one considers it more valuable.

What would designing be like without the undo function?

It’s hard to imagine a software without an undo function. Even if there was a such thing I think people would be able to solve the problem and get around the issue.

But hypothetically if this actually happened I suppose people would save their work a lot more than normal, and consider every new step they apply to the design.

Or people would actually crave creating traditionally more if this was the case, there is a certain freedom in using traditional medias that some software cannot emulate.


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