Beyond Google – Using the deep web

There are constant talks about the risk of getting false information if you’re using google or Wikipedia due to the fact that it is so much accessible and everyone can edit and provide false information. It’s one thing to be able to distinguish the false information but for most students, it is almost inevitable facing a risk of invalid sources.

As some might find that looking for hours in the library is very hard to find the right academic journals for your essay, it’s better to actually browse some of the databases that are available online. It’s available to any student and best of all it’s all valid and easy to back up your points with.

Personally, when I’ve done my research for the essay in term 1, I did, in fact, use Google. It’s a habit despite being told the unreliable aspects of Wikipedia. I just didn’t know what else to use in order to find good sources available online.

I looked at library, magazines, and newspapers. But that was more time consuming than I thought, in most cases, you would need to read the book in order to find the right reference, then comes the citation part which makes it even more tedious. Using something fast as google easily makes it in favor over those primary ancient research habits.

But after this CTS session, I’ve found that there are much more search engines available to use than just Google. Much more reliable to say the least. There’s a great selection of academic image libraries that are already referenced.

We’ve made use of them during a brief workshop. We were all given a topic to research with the help of those resources available to us. The archive system in which the information is structured provided quick results of what we were looking for.


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