This CTS presentation was interesting. We’ve discussed surveillance throughout time and history, and along with this topic came the questions if it is for the better or worse to be watched all the time.

People have gotten used to being monitored in certain places, and they do not feel the need to disagree with this way of security.


And whether actually being watched all the time by the higher beings of society is true or not people have had those ideas for years. Some went as far as planning and proposing an idea for monitoring certain individuals.


The panopticon is the answer for a more “civilized” prison facility. The way that the guard stationed in the centre has made it possible for him to observe every person within the cages. Sounds quite ingenious if this would be applied for facilities such as office cubicles, or something unrelated to a workplace such as an apartment.

We’ve had a discussion in which we had to ask ourselves, what exactly exercise this level of monitoring in our daily lives. What part of society is going overboard with monitoring our activity, and what’s the gap between doing it for our safety or just plainly collecting our personal information for third-party companies.

I think a lot of students mentioned that university does monitor students. Like the way we need to write our name in when we go inside during weekends. We also need to write the time and our ID.

the technology we use can also be alarming when it comes to tracking someone. The webcam and the microphone of the laptop is a key factor to black mailing someone. If you’re not careful you might end up being a victim.

Of course, most monitoring and tracking actions are always said to be for our safety. But if this information goes into the wrong hands the consequences could be treacherous.



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