Modern day obsessions – WOT U :-) ABOUT?

An exhibition review

Through Feb 9th

When I first looked at the Rachel Maclean’s exhibition poster, it was hard for me to really gather a sense of what it actually is.

A bright, colourful exhibition that has a free entry and it looks like a Jim Carrey movie in collaboration with a Katy Perry music video. ‘Should be interesting’ I thought to myself.

Mind you, I’ve never heard or have seen any of Rachel Maclean’s work. But in the brief research that I’ve made the colourful and wacky, modern fairy tale style is common. It also seems that she’s sending a social or a political message through her work, almost as if it isn’t taking itself too seriously.

I’ve been to Tate Modern but not Tate Britain so this was a good opportunity for me to finally take a trip to this establishment. There weren’t any advertisements for this gallery at the entry which I expected because of it’s uncommon and odd nature, this lets me wander around the entry and ask for directions until I found it. I also forgot to mention that I’ve arrived there late, only able to enjoy it for half an hour or so.

The exhibition was quite small with only a few posters displayed. For some reason, I expected to see statues and other exhibits. The room was painted in the same colour scheme, very colourful and vibrant, really matched the work exhibited on the walls.

At the center of the room, there was a bench that matched the interior for people to sit down and enjoy a short movie projected on the wall. Lighting was also centered and the room was well lit, although I wish it would have been dimmed a little bit during the projection of the short clip. There wasn’t much to do after watching the short movie other than understanding the concept and the not-so-cheery aspect of the exhibition.

One way that I would personally explain the meaning of the exhibition is that it’s a parody of what we could label as ‘Internet Fame’. It focuses on other things such as internet addiction, idol obsession, materialistic possessions which many individuals find hard to live without.

Things became more clear to me once the idea was pointed out. Everything illustrated was a humorous interpretation of an internet slang.

The whole idea didn’t affect me that much nor was somewhat unique in telling you that, yes, the Internet is bad and addicting and some people binge on it. Many others have already pointed out the same problem, but the overboard fantasy style of this exhibition was not your ordinary red pill campaign. In fact, its intentions are questionable because of the way it doesn’t take itself that seriously.Is the short clip really pointing out a

Is the short clip really pointing out a problem, to begin with? All it could be doing is making modern pop art concept using today’s mainstream needs and desires, exaggerating and turning them into a hilarious and somewhat worrying alternate reality.


One thought on “Modern day obsessions – WOT U :-) ABOUT?”

  1. Interesting post. I would argue that it is more a story of a visit than an actual (/typical) review, but works nicely anyway. Questioning the artist’s intentions and the relevance of the exhibited work is always a good practise. I find the way you approached the subject really refreshing. Good work


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