Century of the self

This video does a great job in educating and explaining the history of marketing and propaganda within society. The video starts off by mentioning the theory of human nature by Sigmund Freud, which is what the people of power have tried to apply in order to control the crowds. It goes as far as the European war in 1914.

According to Sigmund Freud’s Theory of human nature, many of our human behavior is controlled without our awareness, and that people have deep aggressive and sexual desires deeply hidden within them, feelings they’ve got from the past animal self-contained. These forces have led individuals and societies into chaos and destruction.

This didn’t always come as good news, as Viennese found Freud’s theory repulsive, embarrassing and a threat to one’s absolute control.

Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays who had been working as a press agent in America he had been employed to promote America’s democracy ideology and not to restore the old empires in the press during its involvement in the European war.

Upon arrival back in the US, Bernays had an idea to use propaganda as a marketing method instead as a tool of war. He set out to experiment with his uncle’s theory in mind.

He was the first individual to show American corporations for the first time, how they can make people want things they did not actually need by linking mass produced goods to their unconscious desires. There exists a barrier between our consciousness and the unconscious state which the animal forces are stored deep within us.

Thus by making people happy and satisfied with their selfish desires. They would be more easily controlled and influenced. Bernays was able to turn people to constantly moving happiness machines, he soon became one of the most dominant figures and had the reputation as the man who understood the mind of the crowd.



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