What do you expect from GMD? – Another Brainstorming

This question might seem pretty easy, I’m pretty confident as to why I have joined this university but it might be harder to describe it besides the usual “because I want to improve my skill” sentence people give.

The activity was in groups as the previous one and ┬áit’s interesting to hear how similar the answers are and how every student expects to be challenged, to the point that they write something motivational and encouraging.




First Week – What is Graphic Design?

This is the post excerpt.

Today we were assigned to a group of 4 people to discuss and define the terms “Graphic”, “Media” and “Design”. It was a good way of challenging yourself to brainstorm within a group of people from different backgrounds and cultures, and also share ideas between each other.

As we all got to write something on the paper, the more we started discussing the more ideas we had to put on the paper.


To me “Graphic” is a digital field of design. Variety of colours, layers, letters and diagrams can all be covered within the Graphic attribute.

“Media” is the choice of materials that you choose. It can be traditional as well as digital. It’s what helps you communicate to your audience, the weapon of choice, in a way.

“Design” is also a type of communication, the way of solving someone’s problem and fulfills a purpose, it’s also a lifestyle. It’s around everyone when you look around.

Personally, I think it is a nice warm up to start the first week as it gets you thinking creatively and getting to know your peers with whom you’ll spend a year with.

As easy as it might seem it’s still an important part to know more about your field of study, if you don’t understand the basic concept of it, it’ll probably be hard to grasp on the advanced projects.

Later on was the seminar which consisted of tutorials on how to use the university’s Moodle page, the information was very useful as Moodle is something we will be using to submit deadline and read briefs on, also, the main brief for the following weeks was introduced to us.

The CTS brief is a 400 words essay on the subject “What is referencing?”. We are to reference it in Harvard style and upload it to moodle via “Turnitin”.